Satoshis are a tiny subunit of bitcoin. Each bitcoin is made up of 100 million satoshis.This simple converter uses actual exchange rates based on Bitcoin’s last price.

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A satoshi is the smallest unit of the bitcoin cryptocurrency, named after its pseudonymous creator, or creators, Satoshi Nakamokhổng lồ.

You may have sầu stumbled upon this page hoping khổng lồ find out how many satoshis are in a bitcoin or the USD value of your satoshis. According to the software rules, each bitcoin can be subdivided inkhổng lồ a satoshi to bitcoin ratio of 100 million to lớn 1, meaning: 



Of note, you will often find satoshis abbreviated as sats. Use the satoshi lớn USD converter tool above sầu to lớn calculate how many satoshis are in your USD balance, or how much USD your satoshis are worth. You can also calculate Satoshi khổng lồ BTC using our calculator tool.

While satoshi is the more popular subunit of bitcoin today, other denominations exist: 

Centi-bitcoin (cBTC) - equivalent to 0.01 BTCMilli-bitcoin (mBTC) - equivalent lớn 0.001 BTCMicro-bitcoin (μBTC) - equivalent lớn 0.000001 BTC

Bitcoin was originally created with the intent to be a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system”, meaning anyone could use it lớn pay for goods and services. 


Bitcoin's current rise in popularity has increased the transaction times and associated fees khổng lồ the point that it stopped being a practical day-to-day payment method.

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However, there are scaling solutions being built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, such as the lightning network, helping to increase the transaction speeds và decrease overall transaction fees, thus making sats more useful as a payment rail.


Further, investors may be interested in using sats as a way khổng lồ dollar cost average into lớn bitcoin, or generally invest in the cryptocurrency without needing khổng lồ purchase a full coin.

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Useful Satoshi Resources

Looking lớn learn more about the Bitcoin blockchain? Head on over lớn the “What is Bitcoin?” page located in’s Learn Center for a deeper dive sầu. 


If you are interested in learning more about different payment cryptocurrencies, you can also visit’s cryplớn guides page. 

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