a serious condition in which a person"s joints (= the places where two bones are connected) become painful, swollen, và stiff:

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a disease in which a person’s joints become swollen, và in which there is some loss in the ability to move sầu them without pain
He suffered from severe malnourishment, some arthritis, mild emphysema, & mild shortness of breath.
Nonetheless, they reported that new information about arthritis had been gained, existing knowledge had been reinforced và presentation skills had been acquired.
Although reactive arthritis following campylobacter infection is usually mild, this complication substantially increased the disease burden và use of health services in this outbreak.
Compared to patients with depression, rheumatoid arthritis & heart disease, the study participants were markedly impaired in both the physical và psychological domains.
We could have sầu elicited baseline data for this covariate using a single phối of arthritis-specific attributes, coupled with an entirely objectively-weighted scoring scheme.
They then begin khổng lồ inflame the body"s own cells, causing diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis & inflammatory bowel disease.

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Overall long-term impact of total hip và knee joint replacement surgery on patients with osteoarthritis và rheumatoid arthritis.
All the evidence points to lớn the need for early aggressive sầu treatment of rheumatoid arthritis lớn ensure a good outcome.
Alternatively, chronic illness may result in considerable pain, as in the case of rheumatoid arthritis or severe breathlessness, as in the case of respiratory illness.



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