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Your first layer of defense Perimeter Defender gives you an edge where security starts – at the perimeter of your site. The video analytics application, together with network cameras, provides a highly effective system that automatically detects and responds lớn people and vehicles intruding on your property. It reinforces physical access controls, và is suitable even for high-security locations such as chemical plants, power plants và prisons.

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* Perimeter Defender provides the elements you need for a fully integrated, scalable and effective perimeter protection system. It encompasses the following:

* Perimeter Defender software, comprising the edge-based applications, Perimeter Defender analytics và Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking, as well as a PC-based installation program that lets you remotely upload and configure the applications on compatible outdoor cameras. See details regarding the Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking application for automatic close-ups of detected objects.


Free design tool that’s easy lớn use. Simply drag & drop cameras on a bản đồ. See detection ranges và blind spots for different cameras. Find out where & how high you need to lớn mount the cameras, including PTZ cameras for autotracking, for effective sầu coverage of your perimeter.

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Go here lớn download Perimeter Defender analytics detects and classifies moving people và vehicles. For selected cameras, the analytics also supports human và vehicle classifications based on AI (artificial intelligence).

The analytics application can trigger an alarm using multiple detection scenarquả táo based on predefined intrusion zones, zone crossing, conditional zone crossing và loitering. It minimizes false alarms by ignoring variable illumination, swaying vegetation and fast-moving shadows on the ground. It offers functions that help filter out alarms caused by headlights, insects & water on a camera lens.

Metadata overlay

During configuration, Perimeter Defender automatically applies a metadata overlay in the form of bounding boxes và trajectories that show the detection & tracking of moving people và vehicles. You can then choose lớn apply a burnt-in metadata overlay in live & recorded đoạn phim. This feature applies red boxes & trajectories for people, and xanh boxes and trajectories for moving vehicles. This allows you khổng lồ get visual confirmation of the objects being detected. This is particularly helpful when viewing thermal video. Perimeter Defender is a scalable, edge-based analytics application that can be embedded in as many network cameras as required. The application analyzes the video clip for alarm events directly on the network camera. Since the Clip is not sent lớn a central server for analysis, there is no need for additional & costly processing hardware. It makes the system flexible & scalable, và also minimizes the use of network bandwidth & storage space.

Xem thêm: How To Use The Forex Factory Economic Calendar, How To Read The Forex Factory Calendar Perimeter Defender integrates with an camera’s sự kiện management functions. This means you can decide how you want the system to automatically respond khổng lồ intruders. Having the camera sover live Clip và email alerts to lớn security staff allows a guard khổng lồ focus on potential problems & take preventive sầu action. Setting the camera lớn sover and record video only on alarm also makes reviewing and searching for incidents easier. You can also program the camera lớn activate a loudspeaker to scare off intruders.

The Perimeter Defender software comes with an installation program that lets you remotely upload the applications for the analytics and PTZ autotracking (separate license required) khổng lồ multiple cameras simultaneously – using a single interface và from one location.

The program supports automatic and manual calibration of both applications. For selected cameras with support for AI-based object classifications, there are two additional options for setting up the analytics: AI mode without calibration, or calibration & AI modes combined for minimal false alarms. cảnh báo that the PTZ autotracking function is not supported when using only the AI mode because the PTZ autotracking feature requires the analytics to lớn be calibrated. Support & upgrades are included in the Perimeter Defender software license. Perimeter Defender software includes the analytics application, as well as a separate & optional application for PTZ autotracking. Each fixed camera requires one Perimeter Defender analytics application license – single or 10-paông xã license codes are available. A separate license for the PTZ autotracking application is required for a PTZ camera – single license codes are available. The licenses can be activated through the license key registration page.

Perimeter protection

A perimeter protection solution detects potential & real intrusion threats và allows you to take action when something happens. 

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No light? No worries

Luxury residential estate, Chapman Bay, in South Africa overcame the challenge of providing perimeter protection in a completely dark environment with a solution involving thermal cameras with Perimeter Defender.

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Thermal cameras thermal network cameras outperform a visual camera in dark scenes and are great tools for detecting people and objects in 24/7 surveillance, from pitch dark areas lớn a sunlit parking lot.