Here are the top exchanges to purchase bitcoin safely in Vietnam, handpicked & updated by our team.

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This site is không lấy phí lớn use.We may earn a commission if you purchase bitcoin from some of the exchanges listed. Read our full disclaimer.

Ease of use Fees Speed

Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia

Coinmama is the perfect choice to buy bitcoin with credit & debit card.

Coinmama was founded in 2013 & has served over 2 million happy customers across 188 countries. Perfect for buying bitcoin with debit và credit card. They are available almost everywhere globally.

Payment methods Credit & debit thẻ SEPA, SWIFT ACH Faster Payments Deposit USD, EUR, GBPhường., RUB
Ease of use Fees Speed

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Kraken is one of the largest & oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

After being founded in 2011, it has grown into lớn a cryptocurrency industry powerhouse. It is available across the world in almost every country.

Pros Only 0.25% taker fee Maker fee 0% if enough volume Rated one of the safest exchanges regarding crypto lớn & data security
Ease of use Fees Speed

Headquarters: Thành Phố New York City, United States

Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying & selling bitcoin.

After being founded in 2015, Paxful has quickly spread across the world lớn become one of the world"s most popular platforms to buy bitcoin. Great choice to lớn purchase BTC with cash. Users can post trade offers và tìm kiếm for offers with suitable payment methods & amounts.

Pros 1% Seller fee is the only fee Buy up to lớn $1000 worth bitcoin anonymously with no ID verification All funds held in escrow until both parties confirm the transaction
Payment methods Credit và debit card, cash, Revolut, SWIFT, Western Union, Moneygram, Neosurf, Neteller, PayPal, Gift cards, Flexepin, iDEAL, Pefect Money và more Deposit USD, EUR, GBPhường, RUB, CAD & more
Ease of use Fees Speed

Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland

LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying và selling bitcoin.

LocalBitcoins was founded in 2012 and quickly became the most established p2p bitcoin exchange. Purchases are usually made via an in-person meeting, but many other payment methods are available. Users can post trade offers và tìm kiếm for offers with suitable payment methods và amounts.

Pros Can be used in every country in the world 1% Fee lớn seller only All funds held in escrow until both parties confirm the transaction
Payment methods National bank transfer, SEPA, cash, Swish, QIWI, Smartphone top-up, Sberbank, Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank, VTB Bank, Revolut, M-PESA, PayID Deposit USD, EUR, GBP.., RUB, CAD và more
Ease of use Fees Speed

Headquarters: San Francisteo, California, United States

OKCoin is the perfect exchange for an experienced trader.

With many advanced trade types, such as margin và futures, OKCoin is one of the most advanced cryplớn exchanges in the world.

Payment methods Debit & credit card, bank transfer, wire transfer, SEPA, Epay, PrimeX, ACH, Silvergate SEN Deposit EUR, USD, SGD

Changelly is an intermediary platsize between crypto exchanges & users.

You can swap between cryptocurrencies without keeping the coins on Changelly.

Bittrex is a US regulated cryplớn exchange with high focus on security.

The founding team has more than 40 years of combined experience in computer security.

Payment methods Debit & credit thẻ, SEPA transfer, bank transfer, wire transfer Deposit EUR, USD

Didn"t find what you were looking for?Find the nearest bitcoin ATM in Vietphái mạnh with our bitcoin ATM map.

Register + KYC

Register on the exchange và go through the KYC process. The most popular exchanges use automated Know Your Customer services.

Deposit fiat và buy bitcoin

Deposit your fiat currency.Depending on the payment method this step can take minutes, all the way up lớn 5 business days (for example if you want to lớn deposit with international bank transfer).Choose debit or credit card payments if you want to lớn skip the funding process & are willing khổng lồ pay a bit more in fees. Otherwise, once the money hits your account you are không tính phí khổng lồ purchase BTC.

Make sure to kiểm tra out our list of the best exchanges to buy bitcoin in Vietnam giới.Hvà picked, filtered out from scam exchanges và updated by our team.This will save sầu you hours & possibly a lot of money as well.

There are incredibly large amounts of scammers và hackers in the cryplớn space, due to lớn the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies. It has been extremely important since day 1 to lớn bởi your retìm kiếm before buying Bitcoin and the need for analysis is becoming more crucial every single day. You don"t want to lớn feel your palms sweat & anxiety take over as you realise your hard earned money is gone. As you might have already read, more than $11 Billion worth of crypto lớn has been stolen since 2011. Read Top 5 cryplớn scams và how to lớn avoid them lớn learn how khổng lồ keep your crypto lớn safe.

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Being decentralized, thus having no central entity, Bitcoin has no tư vấn number you can điện thoại tư vấn if you thua trận your coins. If your crypto is stolen, it"s usually gone for good!

If you manage to lớn avoid the scammers, you are still vulnerable lớn high fees from rogue exchanges. This is the wild west & if you are not careful you can thua thảm your money. Other things you need to look out for when choosing a digital currency exchange are:

Geographical availability

Is it even lớn possible to use the exchange in Vietnam? Due khổng lồ increasing government KYC (Know Your Customer) và AML (Anti Money Laundering) regulations it"s difficult for companies to vì business in a lot of countries simultaneously.

Payment methods

Is the type of payment you need available? Some exchanges let you purchase Bitcoin with a credit card in Vietnam, but not with a bank transfer. Peer to lớn peer exchanges let you find crypto lớn sellers for cash, but can take a lot of time khổng lồ vì the transaction.


How much are you willing to lớn pay in fees? If you want to lớn purchase Bitcoin with credit or debit card, be prepared to pay higher fees. When in peer khổng lồ peer exchanges, make sure lớn watch the price as a lot of sellers set prices higher than the market price.

That"s hours và hours of research! - You, reading this

Luckily for you, we have done all this research for you.

I"m glad I could help you buy bitcoin safely in Vietphái mạnh. If you feel this was helpful, please share it with your friends. Spreading the word will help the readers manouver this crazy crypto lớn world safely. It will also help the site và the crypkhổng lồ ecosystem grow.

When choosing an exchange you have sầu khổng lồ think of 4 factors - geographical availability, payment methods, delivery times và fees.

You can find the best crypto lớn exchanges to lớn purchase BTC on our Top Cryplớn Exchanges in Vietnam giới danh mục.

Once you have sầu your BTC, the best idea is lớn store it in a hardware wallet.

If you keep your coins on an exchange, then you don"t own the private keys which means you don"t own your coins.

Don"t worry - we"ll help you find the best crypto lớn wallet for you.

To purchase BTC anonymously with no KYC verification in Vietnam giới you have to find a seller willing to transact with you.

You can find a seller from one of the p2p exchanges listed on our Top Crypto lớn Exchanges in Vietphái nam các mục.

You can pichồng an exchange with credit / debit card option on our Top Crypkhổng lồ Exchanges in Vietphái mạnh danh sách.

KYC is mostly required for this payment method.

If you want to purchase BTC with a ngân hàng trương mục transfer, you can easily find an exchange from our Top Crypkhổng lồ Exchanges in Vietphái nam list.

Over-The-Counter trading desks help individual và institutional investors purchase large amounts of bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies safely và fast.

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To read more about how to lớn buy large amounts of crypto lớn, read our bitcoin OTC guide.