From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome inkhổng lồ something phrasal verb1 GETkhổng lồ receive money, lvà, or property from someone after they have sầu died She’ll come into quite a lot of money when her father dies.2 TAKE PART/BE INVOLVEDkhổng lồ be involved in something Josie doesn’t come into lớn the movie until quite near the kết thúc.

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Where vày I come into lớn all this?3 come into lớn view/sight if something comes inlớn view, you begin to see it The mountains were just coming inlớn view.4 come into lớn leaf/flower/blossom lớn start to produce leaves or flowers The roses are just coming inkhổng lồ flower. 5 not come inkhổng lồ it spokenCONNECTED WITH used to say that something is not important Money doesn’t really come into it.6 come inkhổng lồ your ownSUCCEED IN DOING something khổng lồ become very good, useful, or important in a particular situation On icy roads, a four-wheel drive sầu vehicle really comes inlớn its own. → come→ See Verb tableExamples from the Corpuscome inlớn • Phil Kelber said the evacuation was precautionary lớn reduce the risk that an open flame might come inlớn tương tác with the gas.• The Volkskammer approved a new travel law to lớn come inkhổng lồ effect on Feb. 1,1990.• They will brighten the garden, produce leaf & die down again often before other plants have sầu come inkhổng lồ growth.• As Joe Aliff went through his litany of death, his own sadness came inlớn me.• But I did learn things about people và eventually came into lớn my own socially.• Since the war, each time the Conservative Party has come inkhổng lồ power it has extolled the virtues of the market.• He"d have sầu plenty of time to drive sầu down when the target vehicle came into lớn sight.• On Wednesday, my grandmother came inkhổng lồ the barn to find him.

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come into lớn view/sight• As we drive sầu on, the Willapa Hills of coastal Washington come into lớn view.• Southampton went wild when the Friendship came inkhổng lồ view.• They passed the copse and the lights of a large Elizabethan house came inlớn view.• The bell tower came inkhổng lồ view, a square sllặng block of stone separated from the church by a dozen yards.• The hills had now come into lớn view, và I enjoyed the grand spectacle of Mount Blue ahead.• The airfield came inlớn view and Y positioned for the approach.• A tall figure came inkhổng lồ view, then just as quickly vanished.• Soon Carol"s trang chính comes inlớn view They"re home!come into leaf/flower/blossom• When planted through beds of hybrid tea or floribunda rosea they add interest before the roses come into lớn flower.• In the garden of the little farm, fruit trees are coming inkhổng lồ flower, & others are beginning to leaf.• The cherry tree was coming inkhổng lồ blossom, encouraged by the unseasonably warm sunshine.not come inkhổng lồ it• And material riches do not come into it.• His position did not come into it.• Logic does not come into lớn it at all.come into your own• Now the guides" training in jungle warfare came inlớn its own.• Research expanded; neural net-work terminology came into lớn its own.• This season Brooks has really come into his own as a goal scorer.• By the 1970s, Cheatyêu thích was starting to lớn come inlớn his own as a soloist.• Generally people start lớn come inlớn their own in their second season.• But I did learn things about people & eventually came inlớn my own socially.• Viridian và phthalocyanine green come inkhổng lồ their own when a particularly transparent mid green is required.• The Safrane"s hatchback format comes inlớn its own when large objects need to be transported.• The thesis comes inlớn its own with respect lớn industrial policy where significant discontinuities in policy can be attributed lớn the government changing hands. Vocabulary exercises help you to lớn learn synonyms, collocations and idioms. Intermediate and Advanced level grammar practice with progress tests. Listening & pronunciation, exam preparation and more!