relating to lớn the central government, & not khổng lồ the government of a region, of some countries such as the U.S:
A federal system of government consists of a group of regions that are controlled by a central government.

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The employee then contacted federal agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services.
having or relating khổng lồ a system of government, especially in the US, where all the states in the country have some control over their own activities, but where central government has the main responsibility for making important decisions và laws:
From a policy perspective sầu, however, there still needs to lớn be a national mandate in order for the federal government to get there.
Two federal officials said a fingerprint from part of a device that was recovered proved key lớn identifying hyên ổn.
When the federal government doesn"t act on an issue, the states are usually the harbingers of change.
Today, there are perhaps 4,500 federal offenses và more than 300,000 relevant regulations on the books.
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the science of making & using robots (= machines controlled by computers that are used to lớn perform jobs automatically)

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