Hardwired là gì

A computer or electronic device that is hardwired is built khổng lồ work in a particular way & you cannot change the way it performs with new software, etc.

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If someone or something is hardwired to lớn vày a particular thing, they automatically bởi vì it and cannot change that behaviour:

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Often, the developed countries" perspectives are hardwired inlớn the models in such a manner that even if many scenargame ios are generated, the basic theme & results vị not change.
No extraordinary process within the individual is hardwired, but in time, agent interaction renders a social self-organized construct of how a designer may exhibit behavior considered creative sầu within its society.
The federal responsibility for infrastructure was constitutionally "hardwired" by safeguarding federal majority ownership as well as legislative obligations stating continued federal responsibility for the development of transport infrastructures.
A distinction was drawn between dorsal system invariants & ventral system cues, with the former being hardwired inkhổng lồ the perceptual system và the latter serving in algorithmic processes.
More information onunderstanding of the underpinning concepts of innate vs. learned, hardwired vs. adaptive, early vs. late emergence, compatible vs. incompatible nội dung, domain-specific versus general, etc. is required.
If counterintuitive beliefs arise by violating innately given expectations about how the world is built, how can we possibly bypass our own hardwired concepts khổng lồ khung counterintuitive religious beliefs?

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In electronic terms, what is the difference between programme input, hardwired routines và software?
Example from the Hansard archive sầu. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the mở cửa Parliament Licence v3.0
The modules are not hardwired together but are connected together, usually with patch cords or a matrix patching system, to create a patch.




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