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I can"t get that tune/that man out of my head (= I cannot stop hearing the tune in my mind/thinking about that man).
the part of a tape or đoạn phim recorder (= machine for recording sound or pictures) that touches the tape to lớn record và play music, speech, etc.
The head is the most important word in a phrase. All the other words in a phrase depkết thúc on the head. Words which are part of the phrase & which come before the head are called the pre-head. Words which are part of the phrase & which come after the head are called the post-head. …
If you’d just use your head (= think clearly & carefully), you would realize that you are better off living where you are.
If you are a single parent, you can reduce your tax liability by filing as a head of household with a dependent child.
cost/price/spkết thúc per head The region saw incomes per head fall by an average 4 per cent a year over the past decade.
The airline offered maximum compensation of £150 a head khổng lồ anyone whose flight was disrupted by the strike action.

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The dangers of identity theft are clear but many companies still choose lớn bury their heads in the svà and act only after there has been a security breach.
if a difficult situation comes to a head, or someone brings it to lớn a head, it reaches a stage when someone must take svào action to giảm giá khuyến mãi with it:
The row came to lớn a head when the US imposed one billion dollars in taxes on a whole range of consumer goods.
The chairman intends khổng lồ keep his head down until his disagreement with the serious fraud office is settled.
He was furious that staff had gone over his head to try and implement departmental changes without his approval.
if you compete head on with another business, you offer the same products or services & each try to lớn be more successful than the other:
used to say that people are likely khổng lồ be punished or thất bại their jobs because of something they have sầu done:
Sources cthua lớn the ngân hàng have denied suggestions that heads will roll following the huge losses reported this week.
to try khổng lồ manage a difficult situation, especially when it involves a lot of work or a lachồng of money:
The business has lurched from one financial crisis khổng lồ another but we have managed khổng lồ keep our heads above sầu water.
If we want lớn remain competitive sầu, we"d better put our heads together and come up with new ways of reaching our market.

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be headed for/towards sth The corporate bond market is heading for its worst year in a decade as prices continue khổng lồ fall.
if cốt truyện prices or currencies head north, they increase in value, và if they head south, they thất bại value:
Perhaps, moreover, a case can be made for saying that philosophical understanding is advanced, not by solving problems head-on, but by moving around them.
The authors suggest that representations from one participant"s head are aligned directly with those from the other participant"s head.