To move aside so that someone or something can pass. We ask that everyone please make way for the students as they process down the aisle. Make way, people. Stretcher coming through.2. To make progress. Have you made way on your novel at all? Last time we spoke you said you were stuông chồng on the last chapter.See also: make, way

make way (for someone or something)

to lớn clear a path for someone or something. Make way for the stretcher. Here comes the doctor—make way!See also: make, way

make way

to lớn make progress; khổng lồ move sầu ahead. (Originally nautical. See also make way (for someone or something).) Is this project making way? A sailboat can"t make way if there is no wind.See also: make, way

make way

1. Allow room for passage, move sầu aside, as in Please make way for the wheelchair.

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This expression was first recorded about 1200. 2. Also, make way for. Leave room for a successor or substitute, as in It"s time he retired và made way for some younger professor. 3. Progress, advance, as in Is this enterprise making way? For a synonym, see make headway. See also: make, way

make ˈway (for somebody/something)

make enough space for somebody/something; allow somebody/something khổng lồ pass: Could you move sầu your books khổng lồ make way for the food? ♢ People made way for my wheelchair.See also: make, way

make (one"s) way

1. To go forward; advance.2. To succeed, especially in making a living.See also: make, way

make way

1. To give room for passage; move sầu aside.2. To make progress.See also: make, waySee also:

make way for

Idiom(s): make way (for sb or sth)Theme: MOVEMENTkhổng lồ clear a path for someone or something.• Make way for the stretcher.• Please make way for the nurse.• Here comes the doctor—make way! Cosplay for hóa trang for (one) hóa trang for (something) trang điểm for lost time trang điểm from ảo diệu leeway Cosplay lost ground make up mind trang điểm one's mind ảo diệu out of whole cloth hóa trang the bed ảo diệu the time trang điểm lớn ảo diệu your mind make use of make use of (someone or something) make use of somebody/something make war make war (on someone or something) make water make waves make waves, to make way make way along make way back make way for make way for (someone or something) make way in the world make weight make whoopee make with make with the (something) make with the something make your blood boil make your blood curdle make your blood run cold make your bow make your flesh creep make your flesh creep/crawl make your hair curl make your hair stvà on over make your mark Make your mind up make your mouth water make your number make your own luchồng make your point make your presence felt make your skin crawl make your toes curl make your voice heard mark sb down march khổng lồ a different drummer many is the time man-about-town man to man make way for ảo diệu for lost time make time for make tiông chồng - Từ đồng nghĩa tương quan, cách cần sử dụng từ bỏ giống như Thành ngữ, châm ngôn make way for

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