Membership là gì

Annual membership (= the amount you have sầu lớn pay to lớn join a particular organization for one year) is £25.

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membership of sth She has promised khổng lồ use her influence và membership of a high-màn chơi advisory group to lớn lobby for change.
apply/qualify for membership Employees need to lớn have sầu worked here for more than two years in order to lớn qualify for membership of the scheme.
have sầu a membership of sth We currently have sầu a membership of more than 11,000 professionals, professors, & students.
declining/falling membership Pooling resources will help us cope more easily with declining membership và revenues.

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membership declines/falls/goes down Membership in investment clubs has declined just lượt thích the stock market.
membership increases/rises/climbs Party membership has risen, by 3,000, for the first time in trăng tròn years.
a decline/increase in membership We get a significant increase in membership each year, mostly because people read about us on the Internet.
expand/boost/restrict membership The appointment was made in the hope of strengthening finances & boosting membership.
The firm has failed to lớn recognize và appreciate what our membership has contributed during the past four years.

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Since the online group was formed just over a year ago, the membership has pretty much doubled every month.
However, it is the men who have sầu more invested in displaying multiple group or community memberships through their use of linguistic variants.
The very complexities of multiple memberships of social divisions militate against fundamental change in those divisions.