Negotiation Là Gì

the process of discussing something with someone in order lớn reach an agreement with them, or the discussions themselves:

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the process of discussing something with someone in order lớn reach an agreement, or the discussions themselves:
begin/enter into/be in negotiations (with someone) The board is certainly willing khổng lồ enter inlớn negotiations to find common ground, he said.
Payment by negotiation can only be used if the draft or cheque is in the local currency of the country on which it is drawn.

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Disability is the product of personal experience và negotiation of social roles between individuals.
Thus, the comtháng interests in a community can be represented as the hàng hóa of a kind of virtual negotiation.
It is in fact in precisely this negotiation between private individual and civic pattern that the character of the city at any time emerges.
More work needs to be done on investigating the effect of different admission rules on the outcome of negotiation.
They provided results showing the complexity of solving this problem with negotiation frameworks using different domain languages.
They spoke of "deciding on a fee," but had it been a fixed fee, there would have been no need for negotiation.
There is, in fact, research evidence that error detection, developmental sequences, & negotiation of meaning may all be sensitive lớn social context.
For scholars employing the conventional framework, these two assumptions often substitute for any extended inquiry into lớn legislative deliberation và negotiation.
Such arrangements, enacted without the customary familial negotiations, usurped the privileges of parents and their ability khổng lồ protect their family lineage, stability, & honour.
Next, it sequentially engages these candidates, in utility-ranked order, in argumentative sầu negotiation, where offers and counteroffers are exchanged.
The authors analysed the resulting conversational exchanges with regard to indices of conversational negotiations, coded on a functional màn chơi and a topical cấp độ.
Negotiation exchanges, lexical and syntactic complexity, and various pragmatic issues were examined và compared qualitatively & quantitatively.
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Các từ bỏ hay được thực hiện cùng rất negotiation.

It is a hopeful sign that instead of the product-by-product basis of negotiation and argument, we shall be discussing the tariff reductions across the board.
Traditionally, broadly defined environmental objectives & principles had been translated inlớn concrete obligations by bilateral negotiation between companies và agencies.

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Implementing the guarantee was discussed with the association of municipalities in the annual budget negotiations in 1994.
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