Position là gì

(in team sports) the part someone plays in a game, relating lớn the area of the field in which they mostly play:
As soon as his officers were in position/had moved inkhổng lồ position, the police commander walked up the path towards the house.

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In sports, a position is the place where you play on your team, or the responsibilities of someone who plays in that place:
If you are in a position to vì chưng something, you are able khổng lồ vì it, usually because you have the necessary power or money:
apply for/take up/fill a position She will soon take up an important position with a firm of lawyers.
establish/gain/hold a position He took advantage of every opportunity lớn establish his position within the company.

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strengthen sb"s position Industry insiders said the move sầu would strengthen the position of the chief executive on the board.
consolidate/strengthen/weaken sb"s position This news will serve to lớn consolidate our position in the market.
take the position that The Board will certainly take the position that their decision was justified.
take a position (on sth) When you are negotiating, you will need lớn take a position and be prepared to stichồng to it.

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be well/ideally positioned lớn bởi sth We are well positioned lớn be able lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with a downturn in the economy.
khổng lồ advertise a product or service so that people think about it in a particular way, và so that it is attractive sầu lớn a particular part of the market:
The optimal position of the focal spot was found to lớn be at the distance of 6 milimet before the laser-produced plume.
The postmodern position is the one paradigm of qualitative methodology that is intrinsically incommensurable with quantitative sầu retìm kiếm paradigms.
For each of these three secular philosophical positions, the project of a history of science revealed a basic paradox.
These were replaced by the next highest reading time for that subject in that condition and at that position.
High valence parties will conchạy thử the electoral centre, but will not, in fact, position themselves at the electoral mean.
This provides smooth & reliable global motion paths which avoid local obstacles from the current position lớn the goal destination.
The remaining funds of (1xb) must be invested in the riskless asmix to ensure that the total position is riskless.
The second Mã Sản Phẩm considers only deviations which affects the orientation of the endeffector but not its position assuming that the mechanism remains spherical ("Model 9").
In the case of parsimony analysis, 113 of the remaining alignment positions were parsimony informative sầu.
And the spread of statesupported schools throughout the colony vastly increased the number of teaching positions open to lớn college graduates.