a loose, dry substance that consists of extremely small pieces, usually made by breaking something up and crushing it:

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a soft, dry substance that is spread over the skin of the face, in order to stop the skin from looking shiny:

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a loose, dry substance of extremely small pieces, usually made by breaking up something into smaller parts and crushing them
Powder is also any of various loose, dry, usually pleasant-smelling substances that people put on their skin as a help in healing or as makeup:
Snow characteristics were recorded for each sampling day, by classifying the snow as powder, wet, hard-packed, snow crust, or ice.
Explosives are now used in such diverse fields as welding, bulk cladding of plates, forming, sizing, powder compaction, hardening, and cutting.
The powder identified as calcite in a fracture line of the substratum we believe originated from the penetration of calcareous deposits in ground water.
The surfaces of each metal were ground and polished with sandpaper (300-4000) and alumina powder (0.3 m).
Significantly more male moths were caught in traps treated with water containing powdered detergent than liquid detergent, light gear oil or insecticide.
Factitious microcalcifications in breast biopsy material: laboratory induced error by use of tattoo powder for specimen mammography.

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Mixing the spores with powder of clay, rock or meteorites increased the survival rate by five orders of magnitude.
Large and fresh samples were split, jaw-crushed and reduced to powder in a tungsten carbide shatterbox.
In recent years there has been a huge development in geochemical analysis, much of which involves rock powders.
Effect of non-host plant extracts on diamondback moth and its parasitoid solution contained the extract from 100 g dry leaf powder.
Bioprotectants such as glycerol and trehalose as well as organic solvents have been used in experiments with lyophilized protein powders.
There is also a section giving web-links for users to download software for powder diffraction studies.




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