a person who owns a particular type of business, especially a hotel, a shop, or a company that makes newspapers:

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For workers as "cell proprietors" were to lớn be afforded crucial domains of discretion, albeit ones traversed by tensions and potential conflicts.
Thus, the landed proprietors exercised a good amount of autonomy & authority in the economic sphere.
In specified cases the possibility for widows lớn function as "interim proprietors " and transfer properties to lớn their new husbands was reduced.
Residents also came into tương tác with non-resident relatives và friends of the proprietor; including adult children và their children, siblings, and occasionally parents.
The proprietor was a "merchant iron-smelter", which leaves one lớn wonder if the wood was not lớn be converted into charcoal.
They visited the mining areas, under the guidance of one of the main proprietors & made a gesture, duly photographed, towards panning for gold themselves.
Nevertheless, the development và enlargement of an integrated hydraulic network in the thirteenth century inclined proprietors to lớn take precautions against usurpers.
In the structured interviews, five of the six proprietors who identified a loss of motivation had not owned a care-home before.
It was notable that landowners were reluctant khổng lồ recognise that they might have peer group interests in common with proprietors outside their immediate territory.
While some proprietors had closely investigated the likely impact of the proposed standards, in some cases there was clearly misunderstanding.

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