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QUOINE VIỆT NAM is the company specializing in providing IT software and trading platsize khổng lồ foreign clients. Our top management are foreign experts on finance & giải pháp công nghệ. We are currently opereated in nhật bản, Singapore & Vietphái nam with the ambitious plan to expansion lớn other emerging market in Asia.

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- Quoine cả nước - Accountant recruitment

Attractive sầu Remuneration packages

Accountant (2 persons)

Job description:

Financial statements:Input all accounting transactions inlớn accounting software;Reconcile cash on h& và cash in ngân hàng daily;Reconcile trade receivables & trade payables monthly;Prepare financial statement monthly according khổng lồ legal và company accounting and financial guidelines;Update financial data in databases lớn ensure that information will be accurate and immediately available when needed;Ensure the accuracy of intercompany transactions.

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Purchasing:Responsible for payment process when needed in according khổng lồ the Company’s procedure;Keep trachồng & record expenditures daily in compliance with the Company’s policy;


Bachelor’s degree with major in Auditing, Accounting;Strong knowledge of VAS và IFRS;0 - 2 years of experience with theaudit backgroundis ahuge plusExcellent interpersonal & communication skills including svào written and verbal skills;Good command of English (writing, reading, speaking, and listening);Attention khổng lồ detail and careful;Ability to lớn work independently và responsibly;Good command of Microsoft Office (Excel & Word);Svào motivation to improve sầu skills.

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Competitive sầu remuneration package for full time positon & Allowance for internInsurance according to policy;15 days for annual leaves plus maximun 14 days for siông chồng leave once pass probation; Intensive on the job training by colleguages with professional accounting backgrounds and experience;Afternoon tea break everyday.

CONTACT: Please send your CV to lớn the following details

Đường Thị Thùy Dương - Chief Accountant

028 3838 6835

Subject: - Accountant - Fullname

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