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Resources are also things of value such as money or possessions that you can use when you need them:
a useful or valuable possession or chất lượng that a person or organization has, for example, money, time, or skills:
have sầu the resources khổng lồ vì chưng sth The company has the resources & infrastructure to lớn manage a global brand.

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limited/scarce resources The department has limited resources, và would struggle to lớn cope in such a situation.
pool/giới thiệu resources When times are hard we are asked khổng lồ pool our resources, but it doesn"t always work.

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natural/energy/water resources All plastics that are created annually consume 2 to lớn 4% of America"s energy resources.
The second sector comprises resource harvesting, which is undertaken with constant returns to lớn scale lớn labour và khổng lồ the resource stoông xã.
The most serious threat khổng lồ these peoples is represented by the commercial development of strategically important reserves of mineral resources.
Today, with cheap và frequent shipping routes, timber has replaced flagstone as the most viable resource on the islvà.
Furthermore, the effectiveness of a local campaign is not just a matter of local parties being rich in resources.
With a reference các mục of literary works, munication networks, and new approaches to lớn story resources lớn fight censorship, and three appendices telling.
Certainly such processes may sometimes relate causally khổng lồ changes in material conditions including subsistence resources & practices.
Thereby this reduces interspecific competition for resources, including mates, in the case of members of the same species.