Smoother là gì

having a surface or consisting of a substance that is perfectly regular và has no holes, lumps, or areas that rise or fall suddenly:

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In job interviews, the successful candidates tend lớn be the smooth talkers who know exactly how to make the right impression.
having a surface or substance that is perfectly regular and has no holes or lumps or areas that rise or fall suddenly:
in statistics, khổng lồ change very high & very low numbers in a series in order to show the main direction of the series more clearly:
The second world war saw the famous work on prediction for antiaircraft gunfire, with implications for extrapolation, interpolation and smoothing more generally.
Figure 2 shows that, in this case, optimal policy smooths the short-run costs over time by taking a gradual approach khổng lồ disinflation.
Our objective is to improve the performance of the trigram model for supertagging by smoothing one of its probability distributions.
When this happens, we have sầu systematically checked that these distortions are smoothed out when a higher resolution (512 x 512) is employed.
However, using such incentives implies that consumption smoothing will not be achieved when the outcome of the investment decision is uncertain.
The second term on the right is for minimizing the joint velođô thị, thus smoothing the motion as well as minimizing energy consumption.
However, in the low density foam region, the radiation energy can be confined & the implosion non-uniformity is smoothed.
We have sầu chosen khổng lồ use dilation & compactness here, because we will use the same technique again when bounding smoothed projections.
Such smoothing would greatly reduce any statistical fluctuations in the magnetic-field measurements.
We shall determine the algebra of complete symbols by computing the quotient by smoothing operators.
As suggested above sầu for woodworking, innovations that smoothed the flow of work were valued, but highly specialized machines that lacked versatility held little appeal.

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Using the feature vector representation, tree frames are partitioned into lớn tree families which are subsequently used for smoothing a supertagging model.
More specifically, much smoother transient và steady-state responses are obtained by using the modified schemes.
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to dress as and pretover to be a character from a film, TV programme, comic book etc., as a hobby

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