Symmetric Là Gì

having two parts that match exactly, either when one half is lượt thích an image of the other half in a mirror, or when one part can take the place of another if it is turned 90 ° or 180 ° :Đang xem : Symmetric là gì

Thêm các ví dụ Appearances are critical khổng lồ the 51-year-old stylist, who wears a beard trimmed to symmetrical perfection.The house looks inviting with its symmetrical architecture. The book has a symmetrical, five-part structure.The flower beds depicted in small East Asian paintings are so crisply structured, và also so symmetrical, that they”re hard to tell apart from tiled floors or rugs. The film in a very symmetrical way deals with the extremes on both ends of the spectrum.

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Geometry: parts of geometrical shapes

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Các lấy một ví dụ của symmetrical

symmetrical A more mathematical notion of formula than the one considered in this paper could then perhaps lead to lớn the construction of a symmetrical fixed point. từ Cambridge English Corpus However, there is no way of deciding which khung is basic, so here we have a symmetrical syncretism. trường đoản cú Cambridge English Corpus những quan điểm của các ví dụ cấp thiết hiện quan điểm của các biên tập viên Cambridge Dictionary hoặc của Cambridge University Press hay của các nhà cấp phép. Thêm những ví dụ Bớt những ví dụ Real order is lượt thích a symmetrical edifice – it does not require propping-up lớn hold it in position. trường đoản cú Cambridge English Corpus As it can be seen the main radiation energy concentrates in the forward direction rather than a symmetrical structure for both forward và backward directions. từ Cambridge English Corpus Evidently, in all these cases the fjords cannot be compared to lớn the normal trajectories lớn the symmetrical finger.

từ bỏ Cambridge English Corpus Its structure is symmetrical with the regime”s ruling institutions as well as its vertical articulation. trường đoản cú Cambridge English Corpus When conventional symmetrical biphasic pulses were used, there was little selectivity between activation of local cells and activation of axons of passage. tự Cambridge English Corpus The sense of enclosure is further supported by the centering of the windows for a symmetrical division of the outside walls. trường đoản cú Cambridge English Corpus Maybe that”s why it”s so symmetrical: it”s trying to lớn balance these contradictions. từ bỏ Cambridge English Corpus Unworked and worked shell ornaments, shell “trumpets,” và several clusters of obsidian projectile points were distributed following symmetrical patterns, mainly along the periphery. tự Cambridge English Corpus There is no mention here of how reliably tools are judged to be symmetrical by researchers, nor the specific criteria for symmetry. từ bỏ Cambridge English Corpus If more symmetrical men have greater ability lớn invest in offspring, they might invest more under such conditions. từ bỏ Cambridge English Corpus Symmetrical placement of the redox centers produces the minimum transfer times. từ bỏ Cambridge English Corpus This causes the location of the maximum axial velocity khổng lồ move near the outer wall in symmetrical positions above và below the radial centreline. từ bỏ Cambridge English Corpus If the trade-off between resistance và competitive ability is direct và symmetrical, it is expected that resistance will decrease in the crowded lines.