History teaches some interesting lessons. After investigating the most successful ICOs of 2017 to lớn see which factors helped them enjoy great prosperity, the Bitcoin Market Journal team has singled out 2018’s top five sầu ICOs by (1) total funding raised và (2) ROI of token sales.

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As an added bonus, our team also shares some insight inlớn some promising upcoming ICOs for 2019.

Top ICOs by FundingAmount Raised$4.1 billion
Telegram$1.7 billion
Petro$735 million
Dragon Coin$3đôi mươi million
Bankera$151 million
Top ICOs by ROI2018 Return

Top ICOs By Funding


Top ICOs by ROI

Many ICOs managed to lớn draw significant funding from investors in 2018. However, due khổng lồ the prolonged crypto lớn bear market in 2018, which saw asphối values drop from 70 khổng lồ 99 percent, only a handful of ICOs showed positive returns. The top five best performing ICOs by ROI in 2018 were:

How They Did it


Smartlands managed lớn become the best-performing ICO token of 2018 with an ROI of over 600 percent because it has been built on the Stellar Network, which means svào support from the Stellar community, and because, as a security token issuance platsize, it provides a valuable service for a growing market within the global token economy. The platform enables companies to lớn launch securities token offerings (STOs) và is well-positioned khổng lồ become one of the go-lớn platforms STO issuers for startups và SMEs.


Digitex managed lớn raise $5.2 million và generate a return of over 530 percent for its investors in 2018 because it provides a popular solution for the growing cryptocurrency derivatives trading market. Digitex is a zero-fee futures exchange for bitcoin & Ether. To trade on the exchange, users are required to lớn hold DGTX tokens. The attractiveness of the derivatives trading option the exchange provides means traders have been buying the platform’s token to use the exchange, which helped to push up the token’s value since the ICO.


Zilliqa managed khổng lồ become one of the big ICO success stories – raising $22 million & generating an ROI of over 385 percent in 2018 – because this new smart contract computing platsize is addressing of the most pressing issues faced by distributed ledger công nghệ today, namely, scaling. Zilliqa has successfully developed và deployed sharding giải pháp công nghệ to lớn create a highly-scalable, permissionless distributed network.


ODEM managed to lớn raise $4 million during its token sale and generate an ROI of over 200 percent for its token holders because the project is tackling a market where there is a high global demvà with an innovative sầu new solution. ODEM wants khổng lồ provide students in developing countries with the same cấp độ of education has top-tier U.S. universities by building an “On-Dem& Education Marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain.”


The success of EOS, which managed to lớn raise over $2 billion & generate a return on investment of over 125 percent in 2018, came down to lớn a range of factors. Arguably, the primary driver of EOS’ success is the technological improvements the new blockchain network brings over its peers in the smart contract computing platforms space. Additionally, the combination of a star-studded team of reputable blockchain entrepreneurs combined with a successful community building effort not only led to lớn an incredibly successful token sale but also to substantial activity on the blockchain network once it launched its mainnet.

Analysts Pinpoint Top Factors for ICO Success

When explaining what helped these token sales succeed, a good place to lớn start is Media Shower’s ICO Manifeskhổng lồ for Founders. According khổng lồ this document, the three most important factors in any digital token sale are:


Several analysts emphasized the importance of these key factors; for example, digital currency trader Marius Rupsys noted that the company’s “breakthrough promise” was important.

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However, more than one analyst also stated that speculation and hype were major reasons why certain ICOs succeeded last year. Rupsys said:

“Most ICOs prices are really just speculation, as most of these ICOs did not deliver much from sản phẩm side, traction or any other measurable result except marketing efforts.”

Iqbal Gandtê mê, UK managing director for social trading platsize eToro, stated that when it came khổng lồ the most successful token sales:

“It was all PR driven và hype-driven, combined with a great timing of the market.”

Several analysts emphasized the key role played by regulatory compliance when explaining why certain ICOs succeeded.

One big reason Filecoin’s token sale succeeded was that it was a regulatory-compliant ICO that provided access to lớn traditional investors, said Marouane Garbé, managing director of Amulet, a crypto-to-cryplớn derivatives platkhung that focuses on customer success & usability. Garbé states:

“It was successful because of the investors they targeted.” 

Matthew Unger, CEO & Founder of iComplyICO, also emphasized the key role played by regulatory compliance, noting that many of the entrepreneurs holding ICOs in 2017 overlooked this consideration.

However, he anticipates a different climate this year, stating:

“We expect lớn see more projects that take due diligence, legal, compliance, và regulation seriously.”


If you are looking to invest in ICOs during 2019, it is important to keep in mind the several key variables that frequently coincide with successful token sales.

While an ICO’s people, hàng hóa, & quảng cáo are all crucial, these offerings can also be driven by factors such as hype và speculation, as well as how effectively a particular sale complies with existing regulations.

Before investing in any ICO, it is important to lớn persize significant due diligence. One good way lớn conduct this retìm kiếm is by checking our initial coin offerings page, where you will find information about such offerings.

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